Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Break

What a week!

~Went to Handel's "Messiah" for the first time.

~Whirlwhind trip to Loma Linda-somewhere around 38 hours. (So good to see some of you!)

~Met and befriended two Army Rangers on a plane. (More to come on that)

~Had a white Christmas for the first time in my life!

~Learned how to drive a stick shift


  1. thats a great list of stuff! are you in Tn? cause I'm in Ga. love to see you if possible.

  2. First white Christmas?? I've never NOT had a white Christmas. I would actually like to have a balmy Christmas for once. =) Miss you, amiga.

  3. Ben-how long are you here?
    Chelsea-miss you too!

  4. I am glad you learned how to drive a manual. That sounds like the best Christmas gift.

  5. Stick shift and white Christmas! Those sound like two very important things that need to happen in one's life. Let's catch up soon my friend.

  6. White Christmases are a rarity.

    And driving manual is a gift that will keep on giving forever.