Sunday, July 4, 2010

True Freedom

I'm a pretty patriotic person, in fact, it's almost genetic in my family. My grandma, who's half Swedish, remembers her father telling her, "Mary Lou, you are full-blooded American." A good melting pot mentality and something to be proud of, to be sure. Although we have our problems and are far from perfect, I'm proud to be a full-blooded American.

I love John Wayne western and war movies. I love going to baseball games. I love visiting state parks. I love fireworks and wearing patriotic colors on the 4th. I love America!

For the first part of the holiday weekend, I went home. At church this week, my brother spoke. He had our veterans stand and say what branch of the military there served in and what war. He taught the 1st Amendment and talked about the freedoms we appreciate as Americans.

Be honest with yourself and think about the last time you were thankful for freedom speech, of the press, assembly, to petition? These are part of our first Amendment rights along with freedom of Religion.

He made the point that, American freedom is really just taking away the consequences. We always have a choice.

Daniel had a choice. Go against the king, break the law to pray. He wasn't free to worship. But he did.

Joseph had a choice. To obey his mistress. He was a slave with no freedom. But he said "no."

Reformers didn't have a choice but to recant. But they didn't. And many burned. Lois De Berquin was such a man. He was a French knight that found against the Catholic church and was burned at the stake for standing against the church, making him the first Protestant French martyr.

True freedom, isn't an American luxury. It doesn't come from a country, our Constitution, or Ammendments, but from the Lord.

"...where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." 2 Cor 3:17B