Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I love road trips. I love doing new things. And the Fisher Family Farm had it all.
I could write about all the cool things that we did and how excited I was to to be there, to experience a place that I had heard so much about, to fall in love with a family whose passion for God, family, and hard-work is inspiring. But to be honest, you just have to experience it for yourself. That being said let me share a few things that I got to do:

Pick, Shuck, & Cut Corn

Chased and Branded Cows

Enjoyed the Pond

Hanging out at the Farm

And for the Grand Finale--the play "Oklahoma!" and the Oklahoma 2 Step

Thank you Fisher Family

PS-I hit my 46th State!


  1. Way to be a prompt blogger. Love the new design!

    Wish you were still in my pictures!

  2. You are too sweet and kind. It was a blast having you around and I am glad that it was on Oklahoma soil. You HAVE to come again!

  3. this trip looked like a blast. i like seeing you brit. it's always in such short flashes which is less than optimal...but i'm takin it. hope you have an awesome year there with all those awesome people. love emily