Monday, September 28, 2009

Brokenness.-(no, but really)

Sabbath i played football and hurt my finger. got x-rays.

(pic post surgery. you can see the pins)

diagnosis: impacted angulated comminuted fracture.

translation: jammed into socket, sticking out to the side of my hand. And there's loose bone fragments. AKA real bad break.

consult with a hand surgeon on sunday.
Rx: i have surgery today. general anesthesia.

no breakfast. no fluids. no work orientation.
4-6 weeks recovery. longer to start work.

i feel: frustrated, put out, hungry, cranky, angry, sad, and depressed. oh, did i mention scared?

BUT i know: that this is an opportunity to grow. i am going-- to learn to be patient with myself, learn to lean on others, learn that my time frame isn't what makes the world go around.

AND i'm so blessed. i have insurance. i have surgery right away. i have family to drive me around. and it's not my whole hand. or neck.

PROV 21:30

(i'm glad He can make something good happen out of this)


(this is something else i can to my work-on list)

God is good. Thanks for you thoughts & prayers.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coffee & Cream...Cheese

Today I got up before the sun. This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s been a while for me. I did my 7 minute abs routine, got dressed, ate an English muffin, and hopped into a borrowed van. I headed downtown to take my soon-to-be-new-friends to their doctors appointment.

Silly as may seem to the reader, I was a bit anxious about the whole event. I hate borrowing vehicles and driving to unfamiliar locations. And doing it while I was suppose to be friendly and hostessing to these new people. The latter, being something that I sincerely enjoy, just not under pressure.

I got to their house early and they invited me in and handed the TV remote. Their middle-eastern charm and warmness won me over quickly. They handed me a sandwich and encouraged me to “eat, eat” it. Not wanting to offend my host I quickly took the plate, thankful for the knowledge that my friends were Muslim. I would eat whatever they put before me no matter what, but I was relieved to know I wouldn’t be eating pork! I bit into the sandwich. I was relieved to find a kind of cream cheese filling. Although not hungry, I managed to eat the whole thing, while settling on watching the news. I figured that would be a safe venue. But once the news anchor started droning about terrorists, I quickly flipped to another station!

While communicating with the dad, I found out they had only been in America for a short time. So I said, “Well, welcome to America!” As soon as those words were out of my mouth, he stood up. I followed suit. He grabbed both my hands and kissed both my cheeks & then looked me in the eye and said, “Thank you.”

Before long they were ready to go. We loaded the car seat, the adorable 14th month child, and headed to the doctor. Now, we had shared quite a few smiles, but conversation was tough. They only know Arabic & French, and I only know two phrases in French: “Boujour” & “ne parle pas le fran├žais” so that didn’t aide me at all!

As we waited for the doctor, we worked on English. They could read it well, but comprehension is still coming. They read off education charts on the walls, while I encouraged them and gave them pointers. The couple is super intelligent and picked up a lot from our short time together. Then I started asking them to teach me simple phrases in Arabic and French. Unfortnately, I retained nothing. (Ode to the next time.) But it felt good to us all to trade the roles of student and pupil. By the end, we were laughing and joking about eye lashes and skin color, all having a splendid time.

When we arrived back at their house, they asked and strongly encouraged me to come back in for coffee. I willingly obliged, enjoying this new culture experience, and wanting to really show my interest in my new friends. They asked about my family, their occupations, and how long they had lived “in Tennessee, in America.” We talked about their sons as well. The three of us sat down with small, but potent tea cups of coffee. I rarely (ok, never) drink my coffee black, but I did today. It was extremely dark & rich. As I took my last sip, deep coffee sludge covered the bottom of my dainty tea cup.

The dad walked me down to my car, kissed me again on both cheeks, and then the forehead. And for a few seconds, I thought I’d have a kissing story that would top Nate’s, luckily he still takes the prize. And asked me if I’d come tomorrow for tea. (And I thought Southerners were hospitable!)

My day was like my dainty teacup of coffee. A small, seemingly insignificant set of events, yet surprisingly potent. I had an adventure today, both culturally and culinarally. When my head hits the pillow tonight, I will be a richer person because of today.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Points of Cheer

(AKA, The Best Part of My Weekend!)

Amanda Jehle visited. Wonderful it was, to have a kindred spirit home!

A surpise knock at my front door by two friends recently back from an epic road trip.
(Yeah, Ben & Nick are home!)
Which also lead to some fun hang out time with lots of friends at Ben's house.

An unexpected phone call from Brittany Gimbel!
Amanda, Nick, the Bens, and got to talk to her too.